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Tourism in Aveyron

The Aveyron has very little effort to seduce all the nature lovers and the outdoor sports enthusiasts. Its simple presence is enough to make all outings in the department full of surprises and activities of all kinds: rivers, chasms, mountains and green valleys will fill your vacation planning, but also the memory of your camera. As for the most gourmet, they will often have an idea in mind: go to the Pays de Roquefort to taste a local product envied by all of France!

Activities and hikes in Aveyron in September

In September, Aveyron benefits from a pleasant climate favorable to hiking and outdoor activities: kayaking, rafting, mountain biking, horseback riding will spice up your camping vacations near Rodez.

The large natural spaces of the Aveyron will offer themselves to you for your greatest pleasure, from the gorges of the Tarn through the mounts and lake of Lévézou without forgetting the famous viaducts of the region.

The Country of Roquefort is a must of the department, it will invite you to memorable hikes to conquer the cliffs of Combalou and famous historical sites like the castle of Montaigut overlooking the Rougier de Camarès.

This natural region will surprise you with its red soil (from iron oxide) offering hikers landscapes out of the ordinary. You could not have dreamed better to recharge your batteries and awaken all your senses during your vacations in Occitania. And if there is one sense that will be on the lookout during your visit to the treasures of the Aveyron, it is taste!

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roquefort aveyron

Roquefort, a village to visit, a cheese to enjoy

Anyone who says that level gastronomy in Aveyron, there is nothing to make a cheese out of it is either a joker or a person who got the wrong country…

Because if there is a department where local products are the pride of the French gastronomic heritage, it’s Aveyron !

Without further delay, direction Roquefort-sur-Soulzon, for a visit of its maturing cellars where the star of cheeses, the famous Roquefort, is quietly preparing to be tasted by fine gourmets. It is the collapse of the combalou plateau that is at the origin of the creation of these cellars whose faults (called fleurines) let a fresh air pass through that will make you regret not having planned a sweater during your visit!

The appellation Roquefort is not given to just any cheese made from raw ewe’s milk and only the Lacaune breed is used to produce milk for the production of Roquefort AOC. Be careful, in the Causses the producers are concerned about the quality of the product and animal well-being! The ewes are encouraged to make the most of the natural areas of the region as long as the weather permits.

The result? A delicious blue cheese to be enjoyed with a piece of farmhouse bread and a good wine from the Côtes de Millau. Don’t hesitate to go to Saint-Affrique, 10 km from Rochefort, to discover a village full of surprises with its beekeepers, its dairy farms or its Saturday market where you can supply yourself with local products each one more tasty than the other.

And if you are still hungry (for culture this time) during your stay in camping in Aveyron, go to the European heritage days in September. On the program, a large number of museums and other castles in the region will welcome you for visits rich in history.